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Take charge of your health and optimize your energy with these life-enhancing dvds.

Chi Gong (Qigong), a predecessor of Tai Chi, is an ancient system of healing and rejuvenation. It can be translated to mean: skillfully working with your vital energy.

With regular practice, you can receive the many healthful benefits that Chi Gong is known for, such as increased energy, reduced stress, a clearer, calmer mind, healing of many chronic conditions and a strengthened immune system.

Learn to direct your mind, breath and body together as a unified force to alleviate chronic conditions or simply to build your energy levels, strength and vitality. 


These healthful, stress-reducing techniques can be easily learned and practiced anywhere, requiring only a few minutes a day for a direct and positive influence on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

These practical dvds allow you to learn the techniques, movements and principles of Chi Gong and Tai Chi in the comfort of your home and at your leisure allowing you access to the 

life-enhancing benefits of these Internal Arts.


Note: All dvds are in mp4 format and are digital videos. They will play on your computer, bluray and newer model dvd players. Each dvd is a visual presentation only and comes with written instructions.

Payment can be made by credit card through Paypal or over the phone by calling Brad at 780-908-1115.

DVD programs are also available on USB flash drive sticks!

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Breathe and Release Audio


Dissolving Physical & Mental Tension

This audio-program is all about releasing, letting go and rejuvenation. Learn how to harness the forces of your mind, breath & energy and apply it to the all-important skill of releasing and letting go.

You can learn to actively release deep and habitual tension, on physical, energetic and emotional levels. Whether you are dealing with chronic tension, pain, ailing joints, or emotional tension and blockages, Chi Gong (Qigong) provides you with the inner skill & technique to dissolve energy blockages, restore vibrancy and foster balance and resilience.

Tension, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, are patterns of ‘holding on’. 


Tensions and 'holding-on' are survival mechanisms of the mind and body that are largely unconscious and are stealing Life-Energy from us, every second of the day. We can, however, learn to unlock these unconscious holdings and release imprisoned energy, and for the first time in perhaps years, restore energy levels, and bolster our health to new levels of vibrancy and vitality. 


We are meant to be supremely healthy, with loads of energy and a body and mind that is clear and buoyant. In a short time you can learn simple and effective methods to release, restore and reclaim your health and energy levels. You can escape from the prison called Tension! 


This 1-hour audio program is densely packed with vital information that will directly help you to: 


Reduce and melt away tension


Alleviate exhaustion, anxiety, depression & other problems


Release stress from your body


Manage pain and promote healing


Directly influence your health and well-being in a positive & powerful manner.


Whether you are dealing with physical and mental tension, ailing joints, or even emotional issues, Chi Gong (Qigong) can provide you with the capacity to reverse tension, dissolve blockages and restore your health and energy levels. 


You have the innate capacity to release, heal & rejuvenate yourself from the inside-out. And you have the inherent resources to attend to any physical situation within your body & actively restore it to a greater level of ease and functionality.


Every minute of this 1-hour program empowers you to actively support and improve your health and well-being throughout your life. Discover the inner art of relaxation and energy enhancement that the ancient practice of Chi Gong reveals!

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