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This is an enjoyable, vibrant collection of gentle, fluid movements and internal principles designed to relieve muscular tension, mental stress and keep the joints of your body open and healthy.  


This audio-recording of the 'Opening the Gates" weekend workshop will gently, yet thoroughly activate and energize your joints, the “Energy Gates” of the body, triggering a strong overall energy flow. No previous experience with Tai Chi or Chi Gong(Qigong) is required. Although an audio-recording, this is mainly principle-based instruction with guided meditations and imagery, giving you background and understanding of your Life-Energy and how to direct it using you mind and breath. The physical movements described are simple, but are an addition and not necessary for absorbing the essence of the material and applying the principles and mental techniques for greater health and energy.


As well as preventing and healing all types of arthritis and joint issues, these techniques and principles will also stimulate circulation and the immune system, while increasing flexibility and strength. In particular, they will help with releasing stress and tension, as well as, relieving joint stiffness and pain.  

You will learn the internal healing principles and techniques of Tai Chi and Qigong and apply them to release, open and heal your joints. Imagine having a sound, restful night’s sleep without pain or discomfort when you learn to heal your joints naturally by using mind, breath and chi to activate the body’s healing response.  


This weekend workshop was designed to help you directly experience your chi and learn to move it, add to it and ultimately store it to build your energy reserves, thus fortifying your immediate health and long-term well-being.  

        - become more integrated and whole in all your movements.  

- develop the mind/body connection.  

- develop and increase energy awareness.

- learn the internal healing principles of Tai Chi/Chi Gong  

- rejuvenate and heal your joints, organs and immune system.  


This recorded weekend workshop can provide you with effective skills and insights to last a lifetime!


Running time: 7hrs 2min.




Opening the “Energy-Gates” Healing and Rejuvenating the Joints of the Body

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