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"Before Tai Chi I was round-shouldered, stooped and my neck had disappeared between my shoulders. Today I have a relaxed, healthy, well-aligned posture and I have been surprised on many occasions to discover the strength that I’ve gained through the Tai Chi practice. The training in relaxation has transferred to my mind giving me a more peaceful outlook on life and it has awakened my body/mind connection."

--Joyce Letwinetz

"As a Tai Chi student at Abundant Peace and under Brad Schultz’s guidance in these past years, I have received numerous benefits: the discovery of an ever-challenging and satisfying interest, improved health and enhanced well-being, to mention just a few. Of all the gifts, I am especially grateful for a growth in awareness, which in turn also makes the experience of consciousness possible."

-- Mary Tong

“I have been interested in trying tai chi for some time, as I had read about the health benefits; I have suffered for many years from the aftereffects of some severe injuries. I have found the regular practice of Tai Chi very helpful in reducing or even eliminating these effects, and the improvement to my balance, posture, and general physical health has not only helped in my study of other martial arts, it has changed the quality of my life for the better.”

-- Stuart Krause

"The Tai Chi Summer Retreat was amazing. It totally re-energized both me and my Tai Chi."
-- Judith F.

"I startd Tai Chi for the benefit of exercise and (now) I have greater fitness and well-being. 
The bonus is that it has started me on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awarness. Thank you Abundant Peace!"
-- Roberta F.

Taking Tai Chi has improved my flexibility, lessened my joint pain and taught me to slow down and breathe. I have learned to manage my stress better both at work and at home.
- Sue L.

"I really appreciate how you connect the deeper principles of internal martial arts to healing - connecting us to our innate resources to promote health and healing in the body."   -  Cheryl W.

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