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Tai Chi

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Experience Greater Health & Harmony in Your World!

We do onsite teachings as well as distance zoom classes from the comfort and safety of your home, business, care centre, facility, etc! 

In today’s society our biggest threat is STRESS.


It’s the greatest cause of disease and unhappiness. However, you can learn to transform your stress-response into a practice of peace and tranquility.

Tai Chi is a perfected system of health and well-being that springs from the wisdom of nature.

“Discover the gentle, healing movements of Tai Chi
and experience greater relaxation...”
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Originally developed in China hundreds of years ago as a martial art, Tai Chi Chuan is practiced by most people today as a highly effective exercise and health system. It is a Taoist art.


This means it is based on the study and observation of Nature.


All Taoist arts value the intelligence of Nature. As such, Tai Chi is rooted in the rhythm and flow, or yin/yang, of life.

Because of this adherence to natural principles, Tai Chi is a great ‘balancer’ of all the body’s systems and the mind’s tendencies

By Practicing Tai Chi you will enjoy:

  • improved health

  • more energy & vitality

  • reduced stress

  • sounder sleep

  • less colds & flu

  • a clearer, more peaceful state of mind

  • better circulation

  • improved metabolism & digestion

  • increased balance & strength

  • a happier, calmer attitude

  • more balanced emotions

  • a greater ability to focus & attain your goals

and Receive Relief from:

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Arthritis

  • Rheumatism

  • Physical Injury

  • Immune System Disorders

  • Chronic Conditions

All these benefits and more are yours for the taking simply by practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis. By making Tai Chi a part of your daily routine, you go a long way to ensuring your long-term health and/or alleviating any chronic health conditions or injuries you may have.


Tai Chi has been rigorously studied for it’s effects on many aspects of health and physiology. Numerous scientific papers have been written, illustrating it’s positive impact, often after only a relatively short period of practice.


For example, control groups have undergone study for balance, bone-density, immune system and general fitness levels. Researchers continue to be impressed, even surprised, at how effective Tai Chi can be on all tested health factors.



By learning Tai Chi you are gaining a tool to moderate and alleviate any health issues or life challenges you may currently have. Through fluid, yet controlled movements, Tai Chi enables you to restore the natural balance of mind and body. 


As the flowing postures are performed, the internal organs receive a mild massage and the joints are gently stretched.

This action releases blocked energy and stress throughout the body and refreshes your mind. Discover within this set of gentle movements an ability to eliminate tension and restore your health and vitality.

The daily practice of Tai Chi is one of the most powerfully effective things you can do to ensure your long-term health and energy-levels.


Every day, we face environmental forces and lifestyle factors that erode away at the very foundation of our health.

Don’t put off addressing the most important aspect in your life, the preservation and development of your precious health levels.

You are invited to start your journey to greater health, energy and vitality.Take charge of your health, by taking action today.


Whether you are interested in fitness, stress reduction, relief from chronic conditions, mind/body cultivation, or all of these by calling to register today you start your journey toward attaining your health goals.

Simply put: there is no better activity than Tai Chi for your all-around health and longevity.

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Aikido & Tai Chi

Call and mention this to receive our Deep Gratitude for your Brave and Selfless Service!

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