Tai Chi - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tai Chi difficult to learn?

Tai Chi does take time and practice to learn, but virtually anyone can learn some form of Tai Chi.
The progression in class is slow and continuous, allowing for people of various ages and abilities to absorb the teaching. For those dealing with pain issues or injuries, the individual Tai Chi moves and practice can be adapted to suit the individual’s needs.

2. How often should I attend class?

We recommend coming to class twice a week if possible, however for those who cannot attend this often, there is extra help before and after class. As well, there is a cd available for practicing at home. 
For those who feel less confident with the Tai Chi set, the beginner course can be repeated at a special reduced price.

3. How do I start?

Just call to find out the next starting date for the beginner course and then come in to try a class! No special clothing is needed; anything you would feel comfortable in if you were going for a walk would be fine. We work-out on a matted area, so most people either wear socks or go barefoot.
It is fun to learn Tai Chi with someone, so feel free to bring a friend or family member along with you!

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