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About our dojo...

Est. 1996

We provide a wide range of classes, courses, retreats and activities, all designed to give tools, techniques and methods to improve your quality of health, fitness...and life!

How do we do this?


Largely by drawing upon the 'ancient wisdoms' of the Internal Arts.
By 'ancient wisdoms', we mean 'tried and true'; in other words, techniques and strategies that have been developed and studied over many centuries and have stood the test of time.

By 'Internal Arts', we mean paths or arts that focus on and cultivate the inner qualities of mind, energy and spirit. These are attributes that can be developed and made stronger with time and practice. This is in contrast with purely 'external' attributes such as power and speed which, like the "oak tree", eventually give way to greater natural forces.

The Internal Arts teach us to tune into and access these greater natural forces, using them as our source of power, stamina and health.

By learning to develop the mind-body connection, you have the tools to take charge of your health and access innate, natural wisdom, leading to greater balance and harmony for your life as a whole.

The Internal Arts, or "soft technologies", offered at our school include Aikido, Tai Chi, Chi Gong (Qigong) and Meditation. Each art, though sharing the same Life-Enhancing goals, is unique enough to appeal to different personalities and interests. Enjoy exploring what we have to offer and always feel free to call us if you have any questions or would like to view a class.

The Abundant Peace School

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Our Chief Instructor...

Brad Schultz is the founder/owner of the Abundant Peace Internal Arts School, established in 1996.

Brad has been studying and practicing Martial Arts, Meditation and Healing Arts since 1980. Starting with the ‘hard’ styles of karate and kickboxing, after a number of years Brad sought to go deeper; to transcend the ‘fighting mind’. This led him to the internal or ‘soft’ styles of Aikido and Tai Chi. With these arts Brad found both the vitality and dynamism of martial arts coupled with a path of personal and spiritual cultivation. Now he shares these unique benefits with others.

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Since 1987 Brad has been teaching privately and through the Edmonton Public School Board Continuing Education Dept., now known as Metro Continuing Education. His specialized, on-site Emergency Self-Defense Course has been well received over the years by many organizations, corporations and security personnel.

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In 1996 Brad established the Abundant Peace Aikido and Tai Chi School as a Centre from which to offer the arts of health enhancement, personal development and empowerment.

Brad’s ongoing focus is to offer inner or soft technologies that provide ways to take charge of one’s health and actualize one’s potential mentally, physically and spiritually.


Furthering this goal, the Abundant Peace Outreach Program was developed as on on-site alternative and has become very successful in reaching many people on locale or at their workplace, introducing them to the life-enhancing benefits that Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Meditation provide.

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