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This year marks our school‛s 23rd Year offering life-enhancing courses and classes that provide practical, effective techniques and strategies to improve and support your health and well-being.

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Other Events

The 5 Elements Chi Gong

Sunday, November 24th    2:00 - 5:00pm  

 $95.00  or  $75.00 with the Fall Special

Chi Gong (Qigong)means working with your life energy. This is an ancient form of movement Chi Gong consisting of a sequence of five gentle, meditative movements. It is easy to learn, fun to do and takes only 5-10 minutes from start to finish.


It is designed to restore a strong and balanced energy flow throughout the body. The 5-Elements leaves you feeling energized, refreshed and ready to go. This very popular Chi Gong routine is tremendous for dissolving tension and releasing stress from the body while building internal strength and vitality. Learn to direct your mind, breath and body together as unified force to alleviate chronic conditions or simply to build your energy levels, strength and vitality.



The 5-Elements offers a wonderful way to start or end your day with a sense of calm and well-being that will permeate your entire being.Whether you are interested in stress-reduction, physical or emotional healing or deepening self-awareness, this internal exercise system will provide you with the tools and understanding to cultivate greater health, wellness and vitality.


This proven effective mind-body system will help you to:


Increase your energy levels; Develop your awareness of Chi; Release stress from your body; Improve the quality of sleep; Calm the mind and balance emotions; Charge & revitalize your immune system; Manage pain and promote healing; Alleviate exhaustion, anxiety, depression & other problems; Clear & sharpen your mind; Directly influence your health & well-being in a positive & powerful manner.



Through Chi Gong you have a simple and direct way to actively stimulate your body’s natural tendency toward health.


Don‛t forget to register by Oct. 26th to take advantage of our Fall Special and receive 20% off the regular price. 


We give you the tools to take charge of your health! 


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Tai Chi Events

New Beginner Tai Chi Course!

Saturday, September 21, 2019. 42 Riel Drive 4:15pm

Come and join us on your steps to wholeness and wellness this September! Learn to heal your body gently and feel your energetic body and mind at work with this dynamic movement medicine. Join us, starting September 21! You are welcome to join us after the 21st as well, that is just the day we open our doors!

See you there!

Aikido Events

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