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This year marks our school‛s 25th Year offering life-enhancing courses and classes that provide practical, effective techniques and strategies to improve and support your health and well-being.

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Tai Chi/Chi Gong Events

Practicing Presence – Zoom Weekend Meditation Retreat

Sat. & Sun., November 20 & 21st       $275
($220 w/Fall Special)

Join us through zoom for a Weekend of health, releasing, letting go and rejuvenation. This Weekend experience will provide you with the opportunity to:

- Cultivate Inner Stillness

- Create a Sense of Sacred Space

- Develop a Clear Present-moment Awareness

- Come Back in Contact with Your Soul Flow

Through discussion, coaching and quite meditation you will learn to identify with your original state of being, that part of you that exists beyond words and thoughts. Learning to dwell within that part of you that is not weighed down by thinking and not jostled by emotional or external events is a very liberating and “lightening” experience.

There is that original source of being that is not touched by the duality and volatility of the material world. Once you are settled within this original space you begin to have a very practical and benevolent influence on yourself and the world around you.

Settling into this original space and natural flow of being is akin to “coming home”.

This Weekend is presented as a ‘door-way’ to (re)remember your original self, uncluttered and new in the moment ….. moment after moment.

During this Weekend you will learn and experience:

- A body-centered and energy-centered process for entering and staying in the present moment.

- How to organically anchor yourself in the Here and Now (not an intellectual process).

- Being fully present ….. from the inside-out.

- How to abide in pure presence ….. and meet life and its challenges with openness, clarity and strength.

Join us, in the comfort of your own home, for a special weekend of Practicing Presence.

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There is that original source of being that is not touched by the duality and volatility o

Aikido Events

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