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This year marks our school‛s 25th Year offering life-enhancing courses and classes that provide practical, effective techniques and strategies to improve and support your health and well-being.

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Tai Chi/Chi Gong Events

Tai Chi for Hip Health & Sciatica 

Sunday, Dec. 13     2:00 - 5:00pm     $95 

Do you have hip pain or stiffness? What about sciatica? 


Learn how you can release long-term hip tension and relieve chronic pain through the tried and true methods of Tai Chi. 


Through a collection of individual Tai Chi movements specially chosen to help with hip and lower-back issues, you will be able to gently mobilize and rejuvenate a tight and restricted hip area, allowing your hips to become free and mobile again. 


Through these gently releasing movements you can experience a renewed freedom and flexibility that you perhaps haven't experienced in years. And as these are simple, individual movements, no previous experience with Tai Chi is needed. 


This entire collection of exercises can be performed as a thorough mind/body workout, stimulating greater energy flow, building strength and flexibility. Or individual moves can be practiced for a convenient, gentle workout, stress reliever and energy-boost.


Register now to discover how Tai Chi can roll-back the years and add new vitality and freedom to your hips. Open and released hips means a healthier and re-energized You!

Aikido Events

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