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This year marks our school‛s 25th Year offering life-enhancing courses and classes that provide practical, effective techniques and strategies to improve and support your health and well-being.

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Tai Chi/Chi Gong Events

Health & Energy Workshops and Fall Specials

“1 - Hour to Health”

- An Introductory Class in Chi Gong (Qigong)  Sunday, Oct. 4th      4:00 - 5:00pm          $20/person

This 1-hour intro experience will provide you with the opportunity to cultivate a keen awareness of your energy, chi, and the ability to develop it. 


Through discussion, coaching and direct experience, you will gain insight into the energetic model of Health and how

to cultivate a clear, positive energy flow and an abundance of energy reserves. 


This intro will allow you to experience the immediate

and positive impact you can have on your own physical, mental and emotional well-being. Rejuvenate from the inside-out with this nurturing and nourishing internal art, called Chi Gong. 


Come join us for an hour of relaxation, breathing, gentle movement and experience what Chi Gong can do for you. Call to register.

The 8-Pieces of Brocade Chi Gong: 

Sunday, Oct. 25     2:00 - 5:00pm      $95 ($75 w/ Fall Special)

This is an ancient form of movement Chi Gong consisting of a sequence of eight gentle exercises. It is easy to learn, fun to do and takes only ten minutes from start to finish. 


It is designed to stimulate the major acupuncture meridians, thereby restoring a strong and balanced energy flow throughout the body as well as increasing muscular strength, improving balance and flexibility.

The ‘8-Pieces‛ leaves you feeling energized, refreshed and ready to go. This very popular Chi Gong routine is tremendous for dissolving tension and releasing stress from the body, while building strength and vitality. 


The 8-Pieces of Brocade will help you to: Increase your energy levels; Improve strength, muscle-tone and balance; Release stress from your body and mind; Stimulate your immune system; Improve metabolism & digestion; Improve flexibility, endurance and stamina; Sharpen and revitalize your mind; Improve your quality of sleep; Find relief from chronic conditions; Manage pain and promote healing.

Start your day powerfully and end it stress-free with The 8-Pieces!

Breathe and Release – Dissolving Physical & Mental Tension

Zoom Weekend Meditation/Chi Gong Retreat  Sat. & Sun., November 28 & 29      $275 ($220 w/Fall Special)

Join us through zoom for a Weekend of health, releasing, letting go and rejuvenation. Learn how to harness the forces of your mind, breath & energy and apply it to the all-important skill of releasing and letting go. 


You can learn to actively release deep and habitual tension, on physical, energetic and emotional levels. Whether you are dealing with chronic tension, pain, ailing joints, or emotional tension and blockages, Chi Gong (Qigong) provides us with the inner skills & techniques to dissolve these energy blockages, restore vibrancy and foster balance and resilience. 


Tension, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, are patterns of ‘holding on’. Habitual survival mechanisms of the mind and body that are largely unconscious and are stealing Life-Energy from us, every second of the day.

We can, however, learn to unlock these unconscious holdings and release our imprisoned energy, and for the first time in perhaps years, restore our energy levels ….. and therefore bolster our health to new levels of vibrancy and vitality. 


In one Weekend you can learn simple and effective methods to release, restore and reclaim your health and energy levels. You can escape from the prison called Tension! 


In the comfort of your own home, this Healing and Nurturing Zoom Retreat will help you to: Reduce and melt away tension; Alleviate exhaustion, anxiety, depression & other problems; Release stress from your body; Manage pain and promote healing; Directly influence your health and well-being in a positive & powerful manner. 


This Healing Weekend will give you the knowledge and tools to actively support and improve your health levels throughout your life. 


Discover the inner art of relaxation and energy cultivation that the ancient practice of Chi Gong reveals! 

Tai Chi for Hip Health & Sciatica 

Sunday, Dec. 13     2:00 - 5:00pm     $95 ($75 w/ Fall Special)

Do you have hip pain or stiffness? What about sciatica? 


Learn how you can release long-term hip tension and relieve chronic pain through the tried and true methods of Tai Chi. 


Through a collection of individual Tai Chi movements specially chosen to help with hip and lower-back issues, you will be able to gently mobilize and rejuvenate a tight and restricted hip area, allowing your hips to become free and mobile again. 


Through these gently releasing movements you can experience a renewed freedom and flexibility that you perhaps haven't experienced in years. And as these are simple, individual movements, no previous experience with Tai Chi is needed. 


This entire collection of exercises can be performed as a thorough mind/body workout, stimulating greater energy flow, building strength and flexibility. Or individual moves can be practiced for a convenient, gentle workout, stress reliever and energy-boost.


Register now to discover how Tai Chi can roll-back the years and add new vitality and freedom to your hips. Open and released hips means a healthier and re-energized You!

Aikido Events

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