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The first and most important aspect in energy(chi) cultivation and health enhancement is increasing and adding to your energy reserves.  


In all Internal Arts, building the chi, or increasing your Life-Energy, is critical to ensuring your health levels and longevity.  


Your mental and emotional buoyancy, as well as your physical resilience is entirely dependent upon keeping your internal energy levels high.   


This audio-recorded weekend workshop will give you the tools, experience and awareness to directly stimulate greater chi flow and add to your energy-stores.  


Learn to experience your chi, move it at will, and add to it until you have an abundance of Life-Energy to support your health and carry you through your day.  


Imagine having a surplus of energy during your day, instead of running out half way through it!  


This 'audio-retreat' is dedicated to helping you directly experience your chi and learn how to move it, add to it and ultimately store it to build your energy reserves, thus fortifying your immediate health and long-term well-being.  


The benefits of discovering and then developing your internal energy and strength penetrates into every facet of your life, especially when consciously applied and directed. Learn to tap into and access the inner-wellspring of strength, health and energy heretofore unavailable to you by developing and refining the most intrinsic essence of yourself: your Life-Force.  


Learn to sense, develop and wield your inner-resources. Become acquainted with the intrinsic internal power that is lying within you, waiting to be discovered, released and focused towards your health and energy goals.  


The skills and techniques shared within this audio-workshop can serve to support and uplift your health and wellness throughout your life!



Running time: 8hrs 33min



Building Chi Audio Workshop

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