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Learn how to harness the forces of your mind, breath & energy and apply it to self-healing. 


Whether you are dealing with ailing joints, a compromised organ or even emotional issues, Chi Gong (Qigong) provides us with the inner skills & techniques to dissolve energy blockages, restore vibrancy and foster balance and resilience.  


You have the innate capacity to heal & rejuvenate yourself from the inside-out. And you have the inherent resources to attend to any physical situation within your body & actively restore it to a greater level of health. 

You will learn several specific Chi Gong healing techniques along with inner-principles that will allow you to become an active healer in your life. 


Imagine becoming an active participant in your health when you learn to use your mind, breath & chi to activate the body's healing response. 


This audio-workshop is designed to help you experience your chi (Life-Energy), learn to move it, add to it & ultimately store it to build your energy reserves, thus fortifying your immediate health & long-term well-being. 


From this base of building your store-house of Life-Energy, you will then learn how to consciously direct this healing energy where it is needed to nourish, nurture & protect any aspect of your mind & body. 


Learn to unleash the healer within! 



Running time: 2hrs 32min

Qigong Healing - Discover the Healer Within! Audio Workshop.

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