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The Quantum Health Newsletter

You can begin, and ensure, your journey to greater health and vitality ... with the aid and support of this innovative, life-enhancing

Bi- Weekly Newsletter.


Would you like to increase your health and energy levels on an ongoing basis? 


What about relief from chronic conditions? How about manage and dissolve stress? 


Introducing a unique, new Newsletter designed to support your ongoing health maintenance and development. The practical knowledge within each issue provides you with the key insights to put the ability to create ever greater health, energy and vitality within your hands. 


Learn the Tools to Take Charge of Your Health.


The Quantum Health Newsletter gives you the tools to take charge of your health and optimize your energy. Imagine going through your day with more energy, less stress and a greater sense of well-being. 


Learn the Internal Teachings of the time-tested Eastern Mind/Body Arts for greater energy, healing and life-wisdom. Through this bi-weekly health newsletter you have regular access to a system of insight and knowledge that can carry you to new heights of vibrancy and awareness. 


Brad Schultz, the founder of the Abundant Peace Aikido & Tai Chi School, draws upon over 40 years of study, research and application of the principles within the Internal Arts of Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation.


You can have direct, ongoing access to the proven wisdom and effectiveness of Eastern Mind/Body Arts, presented in a useable, practical, and easily digestible format that can be directly applied to your daily-life.


Today, modern science such as psychoneuro-immunology and quantum physics, and ancient understandings are coming closer together. With each passing day, what was once a schism between science and ancient wisdom is steadily dissolving. Our understanding of ourselves and our world is changing and evolving rapidly as traditional knowledge from the East and Western science converge, often arriving at the same viewpoint.


These new viewpoints and understandings are presented in a stimulating and thought-provoking manner, offering you new opportunities and possibilities for greater effect, control and participation in your life and health.


Every issue will focus on a particular theme or principle from the Internal Arts of Tai Chi, Qigong, Aikido, Zen and Meditation and/or modern scientific understanding. 


Each issue provides these insights in a directly applicable, practical way with specific techniques and strategies so that you can immediately use and benefit from them. 


You will find The Quantum Health Newsletter very valuable if you want: 


• Practical, effective tips and methods to directly and powerfully enhance your vitality and well-being.


• To access higher levels of health and energy.


• Greater clarity and efficiency throughout your day.


• To learn how you can consciously affect and ultimately take charge of your own health.


Here are some examples of the topics and practical strategies presented.


Learn how to:


*dissolve away stress


*manage pain and promote healing


*discover natural relaxation


*calm the mind and emotions


*alleviate exhaustion, anxiety, depression & other problems


*improve the quality of your sleep


*charge & revitalize your immune system


*generate & cultivate your bio-energy: Chi


*improve the quality of your life!



Health - A Diminishing Asset?


In today’s society our biggest threat is stress. It is the leading cause of disease and unhappiness. It’s medically accepted that high and chronic levels of stress are the leading factors in almost all illness, disease and disorders we experience in the modern world.


Learn to nurture, protect and fortify your most precious commodity…..your health! The Quantum Health Newsletter equips you with the tools to transform your stress and chronic conditions into ease and healing. 


Rather than watching your health and energy levels wane with the passing years, you can actually cultivate greater physical, mental and emotional resilience. By honing the mind/body connection you acquire the insight and skills to positively and directly impact your physiology and psychology.


In this way, time and age actually work in your favor as you consistently deepen your understanding of the internal health principles offered in each bi-weekly issue. 


Unfortunately, it’s a fact that most people invest more time and money in their cars than their health. Yet, we have only one body to carry us through this life and only one mind to see us through it. This newsletter is created to assist and support you in your commitment to your most precious and important of gifts. 


So whether you are looking for relief from a chronic condition such as: arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia ... or looking for new and better ways to deal with and relieve stress in these uncertain and tumultuous times, you can support yourself by having this practical guide aid you in becoming a more direct and powerful influencer of your health!


A Key Element to Change and Growth - Consistency.


It is not only the effective principles and techniques that will be shared that will aid you, but also the fact that these insights and strategies will be delivered by email twice a month, thereby establishing a momentum of support and action. 


To help keep you motivated, inspired and consistent, to support you in your ongoing commitment, the Quantum Health Newsletter is offered as a bi-weekly subscription. 


By subscribing, you will ensure your insight and knowledge continue to expand and grow, allowing you a clear path to your long-term health goals. 


You can gain the hard earned wisdom garnered over centuries of devoted study and research, developed in the ancient Mind/Body Art Traditions. You can learn the incredibly empowering new insights that leading-edge science is revealing daily. 


These old and new discoveries are coming together now and can aid us in safe-guarding and enhancing our innate abilities and potentials, as never before. 


Access these life-enhancing wisdoms and technologies today to help ensure your long-term health and development by subscribing at only $10.00/month.


The entire aim and purpose of this subscription-based system is to empower you with the tools to take charge of your health on all levels … mentally, emotionally and physically. 


It’s like having a personal coach coming to you conveniently through your email twice a month. 


Subscribing will substantially shorten your learning curve to mastering your personal energy and health! 


By going to:

you can begin your journey to wellness and beyond!



Take charge of your health with this new Newsletter from the Abundant Peace Internal Arts School!

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