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The 'Yang Flow' Tai Chi Mini-set

The 'Yang Flow' is a short set of Tai Chi derived from the widely practiced original Yang Style Long Form. Through fluid, yet controlled movements, Tai Chi enables you to restore the natural balance of mind and body. As the flowing postures are performed, the internal organs receive a mild massage and the joints are gently stretched. This action releases blocked energy and stress throughout the body and refreshes your mind. Discover within this set of gentle movements an ability to eliminate tension and restore your health and vitality. The regular practice of Tai Chi is well known to improve chronic conditions, increase strength and stamina and boost the immune system. Being easy to learn, this mini-set is ideal both for beginners and those wishing to add to their Tai Chi experience.


In this DVD, Brad leads you through several warm-up movements that prepares the body and mind for doing the Yang Flow Set. The mini-set itself is then demonstrated four times, first using balance steps, then without, for more advanced practice. Both front and back angles are used to facilitate easier learning and following along.


Running Time: 12:33 minutes

Yang Flow Tai Chi Mini Set DVD

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