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The Living Flow Chi Gong is a simple and gentle routine with a very meditative, soothing and healing quality. It offers a wonderful way to start or end your day with a sense of calm and wholeness that will permeate your entire being.

The Living Flow will provide you with the opportunity to cultivate a keen awareness of your energy (chi) and the ability to build and develop it.

Through conscious energy-work, you have a simple & direct way of supporting your mind & body's natural tendency toward health, balance and resilience.

This simple and very enjoyable routine can be easily learned and practiced anywhere, requiring only a few minutes a day for a direct and positive influence on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Whether you are interested in stress-reduction, physical or emotional healing or deepening self-awareness, this internal exercise system will provide you with the tools and understanding to cultivate greater health, wellness and vitality!


Running Time: 17:02 minutes


The Living Flow Chi Gong

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