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Take Charge of Your Health and Optimize Your Energy

with this Life-Enhancing Routine!


Chi Gong (Qigong), a predecessor of Tai Chi, is an ancient system of healing and rejuvenation. It can be translated to mean: 'skilfully working with your 'vital energy'"


With regular practice, you can receive the many healthful benefits that Chi Gong is known for, such as increased energy, reduced stress, a clearer, calmer mind, healing of many chronic conditions and a strengthened immune system.


Learn to direct your mind, breath and body together as a unified force to alleviate chronic conditions or simply to build your energy levels, strength and vitality. These healthful, stress-reducing techniques can be easily learned and practiced anywhere, requiring only a few minutes a day for a direct and positive influence on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.


       The 5-Element Chi Gong

Chi Gong means working with your Life-Energy. The 5-Element Chi Gong is an ancient Chinese routine that includes holding postures with gentle movement. It restores strength and balance between the 5 major organs in the body and is highly effective in establishing relaxation, mental clarity and cultivating chi or the Life-Force.


The 5-Elements is a simple routine with a very meditative, soothing and healing quality. It is a wonderful way to start or end your day with a sense of calm and well-being that

will permeate your entire being!


Running Time: 10:05 minutes

The 5-Element Chi Gong Routine

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