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Tai Chi Silk Reeling

"Silk Reeling" is a foundational Tai Chi exercise that mimics pulling silk from a silk worm's cocoon.

This exacting and precise movement creates and develops all the principles and qualities that are within the Internal Art of Tai Chi.


The soft, flowing, yet controlled movements yield many benefits for the mind and body. In particular, Tai Chi Silk Reeling will develop leg/hip strength and flexibility, help with releasing stress and tension, as well as, relieve shoulder stiffness and pain.


This system thoroughly, yet gently, activates and energizes your joints, the "Energy Gates" of the body, triggering a strong overall energy flow, as well as, having a cleansing, purging effect on the lymph glands.


And because Silk Reeling directly stimulates and mobilizes the spine, it can play a major role in overall health and fitness, including boosting the immune system.


Silk Reeling  has much value as a stand alone system of exercises and/or as a foundational practice to develop and refine one's level of Tai Chi.


The entire collection of Silk Reeling  Exercises can be performed as a thorough mind/body workout, stimulating greater energy flow and building strength. Or individual moves can be practiced for a quick, convenient, stress reliever and energy-boost, re-setting your mind/body system to invigorate the rest of your day.


Run time: 1:32:00

Tai Chi Silk Reeling DVD

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