Do you have lower-back issues? 
What about neck and upper-back problems? 
You can rejuvenate a tired, aching back, reduce or eliminate pain and stiffness, and turn back the clock on years of accumulated tension and bad habits.


Learn how you can release long-term back tension and relieve chronic pain through the tried-and-true methods of Tai Chi. 
Through a collection of individual Tai Chi movements specially chosen to help with back and spinal issues, you will be able to mobilize and rejuvenate a tired, tense back. 
You can learn to release deep and habitual tension, allowing your spine to become free and supple once again. 
Through these gentle and invigorating movements, you can experience a renewed freedom and flexibility that you perhaps haven't experienced in years.
This follow-along video is designed to help you learn individual Tai Chi movements specifically designed to encourage the opening and releasing of the spine, allowing healing and rejuvenation to naturally occur.
And as these are simple, individual movements, no previous experience with Tai Chi is needed!
Did you know:

31 million Americans suffer with low back pain.