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The Kinder Chi-Kido video includes 2 fun and stimulating activities inspired by nature and animals. 


To play a sample, watch the video in the gallery above!


Movement for Development

Balance and coordinated body movement are key factors in the early childhood development. Purposeful play helps develop your child's large and fine motor skills. In this video, we guide your child through movement play to develop focus, breathing skills and their ability to shift from calm to active and back to calm. 
 What better way to explore this than with animals?

 Almost every child's first loves are for the natural world around them, especially animals. With this  video, children learn to move their bodies in different ways through animal imitation.


This video features a gentle learning experience with a funny, loving host to help pre-schoolers gain a better understanding of body movement and the world around them.  Organized in two sections, it gives you a choice of programs depending on your time requirements or age group.  Use separately or combine for a fully engaging 18 minute workout. 


Recommended for ages 2 - 6


To play a sample, watch the video in the gallery above!



This video develops your child's:

1.    Body & movement awareness

2.    Coordination

3.    Mind/Body connection

4.    Imagination for clear, purposeful movement

5.    Passion for learning through love of animals


Kinder Chi Kido

The first section of the video includes warm-up activities inspired by animals and nature.  
(Video 6:32 minutes)


Kinder Zoo-Kido

The second part of the video includes movement and breathing activities inspired by zoo and marine animals.
(Video 11:15 minutes) 



Kinder Chi Kido

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