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Aikido & Tai Chi

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Abundant Peace Internal Arts offers a thoroughly enjoyable path to reaching your health and fitness goals, acquiring self-protection skills and realizing your full potential...
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Peaceful Warrior

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Tai Chi

Gentle Fitness

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Health through Energy Development

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Life Skills, Self Knowledge,


Chi Gong

Kids Aikido

The Internal Arts teach us to tune into and access greater natural forces, using them as our source of power, stamina and health.

We do Onsite teaching as well as distance zoom classes from the comfort of your business/care center/ daycare, etc

What's Happening:

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Abundant Peace in partnership with Harvest Moon....

Women’s Affordable Traditional Health and Wellness…

Affordability of holistic health and integrative wellness has become a luxury for most these days. Our belief is that wellness should not be an avenue for only the wealthy. We have partnered with Harvest Moon Women’s Integrative Healing to offer you a new way of wellness that includes a personalized-for-you path. By integrating a ‘unique to you’ program of therapies such as Reiki, Herbalism, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Grief and Trauma guidance, Nutrition Coaching, Shinrin Yoku, Movement Coaching and so many more, we help you to find your way to wellness in body, mind and spirit using one, two or all of these therapies.

Payment for services is part of the healing process. Our base fee is set at $50.00 per hour…however, that may not be possible for you and we get that. We will never turn you away. We accept fair value trade in barter or trade. And if you are really struggling, please don’t hesitate. Give us a call. You will not be refused service. We believe that the way to heal is by seeing you as family and part of the tribe. So many women and girls suffer silently with grief, trauma and invisible illness and pain and, to us, that is just not okay.

We are fully vaccinated and ask that all clients are as well as we work with the elderly and a diverse clientele that is sometimes health compromised.

All minors must be accompanied by a consenting adult.

For more detailed information call or text 780-566-1144 or click here to find out more

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