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Celebrating 29 Years!


Abundant Peace Proudly Supports our Troops!

All Veterans and Brave members of our Armed Forces receive 15% OFF

Aikido & Tai Chi

Call and mention this to receive our Deep Gratitude for your Brave and Selfless Service!

Abundant Peace Internal Arts offers a thoroughly enjoyable path to reaching your health and fitness goals, acquiring self-protection skills and realizing your full potential...
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Peaceful Warrior

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Tai Chi

Gentle Fitness

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Health through Energy Development

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Life Skills, Self Knowledge,


Chi Gong

Kids Aikido

The Internal Arts teach us to tune into and access greater natural forces, using them as our source of power, stamina and health.

We do Onsite teaching as well as distance zoom classes from the comfort of your business/care center/ daycare, etc

What's New
New Tai Chi Beginner Course Starting ...

Increase Energy


Release Stress






With Tai Chi you can:


learn to transform your stress into peace & tranquility. 


discover gentle healing movements.

experience greater relaxation. 


optimize your energy.

take charge of your health.


Would you like:

more energy

to be more fit

greater stamina

to heal old, nagging injuries

less stress

to ease or eliminate chronic conditions

Tai Chi is known to help in all these areas.

Is now the time to actively change your health for the better and proactively prevent its decline?


Call or email today to receive a 2-week Guest Pass and give yourself the opportunity to try out our next class.


This is a 4-month Beginner Course teaching the Traditional Yang-Style of Tai Chi, the most popular style of Tai Chi in the world today.


Starting September 23th, with 3 classes available per week.


Saturday 4:15 - 5:30pm

Sunday 5:15 - 6:15pm

Tuesday 8:15 - 9:15pm


All three classes are open to you. You can go to any and all of them during your 2-week Guest Pass, and if you choose to continue with the full course.


Find out why Tai Chi is world-renowned as a health-enhancer and energy-booster by claiming your 2-week Guest Pass today!


If you have any questions

Call 780-908-1115 or email:


Otherwise, simply come to your first class to start your Guest Pass anytime from September 23rd onward.


Give yourself the opportunity to experience less stress, greater health, fitness and well-being through this ancient mind/body art.


Yours in Health & Harmony,



Experience Greater Health & Harmony in Your World!

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